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Police Communications Officer II, Emergency Management Option 21122-455

Alabama State Personnel Department

Police Communications Officer II, Emergency Management Option 21122-455

Job address

United States

Company size 10,000+ employees
Job sector Law, Public Safety, & Security
occupation category Other
Job type Full-time
Work environment
In person

Company Overview

The Merit System State jobs in the classified service are under the merit system. The merit system is based on competition. Positions are filled on an equal opportunity basis.

Job details


The Police Communications Officer II – Emergency Management Option is a permanent, full-time position with the Emergency Management Agency. Positions are located in Chilton County. This is advanced specialized work receiving and dispatching emergency response communications in a statewide communications center. Complete an Application for Examination Form available at www.personnel.alabama.gov, the above address, or any Alabama Career Center Office. Apply on-line, by mail, or by fax. Applications will be accepted until further notice. The State Personnel Department is not responsible for late receipt of applications due to mail service or faxing malfunctions.


High School graduation/GED. Twenty-four months of experience in radio communication work in a police agency, sheriff’s office, local emergency management communications center, or other similar government or private agency.


Open-Competitive to all applicants. An Evaluation of Training and Experience as shown on the application will comprise 100% of the final score for the open-competitive register.

Equal Opportunities Statement


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